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Chris started dancing at the age of 18, a freshman in college, in 2008. Started and still continues to dance with, Ajnin Precizion, a dance crew based in the DMV area. Ajnin Precizion holds a special place in his heart, as the foundation and inspiration for his dancing. In addition to joining the crew, later auditioned and made the UMBC's hip-hop dance troupe, Major Definition, who placed 3rd at the East Coast Dance Competition in 2009, competed in FR3SH's Main Event, and danced in other competitions. After, Chris joined the Tito BoyScouts, a dance crew that is rooted in Camp Mabuhay, a camp to help teach adopted Filipino children more about the Philippine culture. In 2010, Chris was asked to help out with BDCP (Baltimore Dance Crews Project), which is a non-profit after school program for elementary kids in the city of Baltimore. Moving into 2011, after teaching different workshops around the DMV and also in North Carolina, Chris was invited to be a part of the first class of KCX Artists, a group of dancers who exhibitions and represents the organization, KODACHROME, a dance workshop series. Continuing to push his training, Chris auditioned and has been currently training as a professional dancer for the non-profit dance company, Culture Shock DC. As a part of Culture Shock DC, Chris has been blessed with the opportunity to perform at World of Dance in New York City, Culture Shock Showcase in both Canada and California, and many other charity events. As of 2012 Chris also joined Zoey Cruz's talent agency, Cruz Productions, and is currently sponsored by a clothing line, Fresh From Birth, located in North Carolina. In 2013, Chris assists with the Mini Shock DC troupe, a professional dance company for children ages 3 and up. The same year Chris helped found an all-male dance crew from the DMV, UpperClassMen, who debuted at COALESCENCE 2013.


Always looking to train and have fun, Chris strives to become not just a better dancer, but a better person. Chris hopes to share what he has learned from many great dancers, mentors, and friends. But above all, Chris prays to share God through his dancing. His journeys has taken him to teach/perform at places such as DC, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Utah, California, and Canada. He has also taught as a dance instructor for organizations including Joe's Movement Emporium, C-Unit Studios, and Dance Dimensions. But it is not about the places, rather it is about the people.


Chris: "I would like to personally thank everyone who has trained, encouraged, and pushed me throughout not just dance, but in life. Dancing is not just a hobby, but a passion. I have definitely learned a lot and I want to keep growing as both a dancer and a person. I am blessed to have been a part of great opportunities and I just want to spread the love I have for dancing with you guys. I want to continue to be inspired and hopefully inspire a few along the way. Additionally I want to put out there that I do not dance for recognition, money, or even for myself. Above everything I dance for God, for apart from Him I can't do anything. I want to push Christ to the forefront of dance and use dance as a form of worship. St. Francis of Assisi once said, 'Go out and preach the Gospel, and if you have to, use words.' That is the type of mentality I use to motivate myself with my dancing. Movement is just as powerful as language."

Chris Munar