Policies & Procedures

Studio Policy

Dance Dimensions requires the following prior to your child(ren) beginning classes:

  • Complete registration form

  • List of any known allergies

  • List of any health problems


If your child has any injuries, disabilities or illnesses that will prohibit them from participating in class or require special attention, please inform the studio as soon as possible.


General Policies

  • No jewelry in class (only stud earrings are allowed)

  • Hair should be pulled off of the face for all dance classes. Ballet classes require hair be in a ponytail or bun.

  • Proper attire is required at all times (no shorts or shirts over leotards)

  • All students must arrive to class on time.  Students may arrive 15 minutes prior to classes.

  • Parents are asked to pick up students promptly after class, especially after the last class of the day

  • For safety reasons, we ask all students to wait inside the building to be picked up

  • All children under the age of 10 who are not taking dance classes must be supervised by an adult

  • No playing, running, or flipping in studios

  • No food, candy, gum or carbonated drinks in studios

  • Smoking is not permitted in the building

  • Parents assume full responsibility for the damage or breakage of studio property by their children

  • Dance Dimensions is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items

  • Dance Dimensions reserves the right to hire substitute teachers for classes when the regular teacher is absent.  No credits or refunds will be issued in this case.

  • Dance Dimensions and its instructors are not liable for any injuries sustained in class or on the premises.  Please notify the Director if you have any concerns about physical problems or injuries.

  • Photos and videos taken during class, rehearsals or performances may be used by Dance Dimensions for publicity purposes

  • Any class may be cancelled due to insufficient class enrollment.  We will attempt to reassign students to another class


Inclement Weather

Please call the studio at 301-420-1567 in case of inclement weather.  A message will be placed on the voicemail no later than 2:00pm to inform of weather related closings.


Progress Reports

Progress reports for students will be completed at the end of each semester and will be delivered at the beginning of the following semester.  The last progress report will be given to the parents on the last day of the scheduled class.



It is extremely important that students attend all of their scheduled classes.  We understand that children have family and school obligations; we ask that you let us know when a child will be absent.  Significant absences will result in the student not performing in the upcoming events.  If you miss any rehearsals in the 6 weeks prior to a performance, it is up to the discretion of the director if you perform or not.  If you miss rehearsals the last week prior to a performance, you will not perform.   No tuition reimbursement or credit towards classes will be issued as a result of absences.  We would like all parents to inform us by one of the following methods of your children’s inability to come to class:

***Telephone – email – letter – voice mail ***

There are sign in sheets at the reception area for the parents to sign their child(ren) in and out.  Students under the age of 18 are not allowed to sign themselves in.  Parents must come inside the studio to sign your child in and out. This measure ensures the safety of your child(ren) and the studio.


Practices and Rehearsals

All extra practice/rehearsal schedules will be defined at least one week prior to date of rehearsal.  If there are performance dates that your child(ren) will be unable to participate due to prior commitments, please inform the studio at least ten weeks in advance.  This will ensure that performances are properly rehearsed and ready for exhibition.


**Unforeseen changes should/will be communicated ASAP



It is the responsibility of the students and parents to be on time and prepared for all performances. You will be provided a performance checklist in order to make sure you have all necessary items such as:

Hair                 Makeup

Costumes        Accessories

This information will be provided by the Director prior to all performances/competitions.


Behavior and Disciplinary Plan

Dance Dimensions students are people who are striving for excellence and will work hard to obtain it.  However, there are instances in which behavior may be an issue or problem.  The list provided are instances of behavior that will not be tolerated.  Please understand that these rules not only pertain to Dance Dimensions premises, but also to events where we participate.  If your child(ren) encounter(s) any difficulties with an Instructor/class, please direct all discrepancies/conflicts to the Director personally.  Needs/actions will be determined accordingly.


The Director will speak with any parent about any concern(s).  Please note however that it may need to wait until classes have finished for the day or the following day.  In such an event, please feel free to leave your contact information for the Director to contact you when it is more convenient.


  • Verbal Disrespect

  • Cursing, talking back to adults (including teachers, staff and other parents), teasing and harassing other students

  • Physical

  • Negative body gestures, hand gestures, rolling eyes, hitting, pushing, kicking, shoving, etc.

  • Talking in class

  • Playing in class

  • Chewing gum and eating in class

  • Not prepared for class consistently

  • Defiant behavior

  • Damaging and/or destroying property

  • Stealing

  • Weapons of any sort

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia


Plan of action:

All disciplinary actions will be discussed with child and parent.  Actions could be either a verbal warning, written warning and parent conference, suspension or expulsion.  All actions are up to the discretion of the Director.


Parental Issues

Parents are their child’s best advocate.  We at Dimensions understand that the goal is always to do what is best for our children and to help them in any way.  However, there are times when this is not appropriate, such as:


  • Parents having confrontations with staff, instructors, other parents or students

  • Parents speaking to event coordinators on behalf of Dance Dimensions

  • Parents displaying inappropriate behavior


Plan of action:

All actions will be delivered by the Director and can be either of the following:


  • Verbal warning

  • Suspended from the studio for a specified time period

  • Expulsion from the studio


The Director would like to present a cooperative and balanced environment for your child(ren).  Everyone is a Dimensions representative and must maintain the decorum of the Studio.


Withdrawal Policy

Written notification must be given with a 30 day notice of leaving Dance Dimensions.  Tuition is due during that period which begins the date that notification is received (or postmark date) and extends 20 days.  All accounts need to be in good standing one week prior to departure.  If accounts are not in good standing upon departure, it may result in legal actions.


Placement Evaluations

All students will be evaluated and placed in their appropriate levels.  There will be a placement session on September 12th for all students to determine which level they are placed in.  There will also be an evaluation during the first two weeks of classes to determine if any adjustments need to be made.  Please be patient in this process as this is to ensure that each student is in their appropriate class.  New students arriving after placement day are initially placed in level 1 and then moved to their appropriate level after all teachers have assessed their level. 


Students are placed in levels by the Director and instructors based on age and years of dance experience as well as technique, size, coordination, and focus.  Even though a student may be old enough to move to the next level, if their behavior or focus level is an issue, they will not be permitted to move up.  Placement may be changed throughout the year.  Parents and students must understand that dancers may not change levels every year.  Students stay in a particular level on average of 2-4 years.  Correct student placement is essential to safety and a positive learning environment.


Class Levels

All dance students are placed by level.  The levels are symbolized by numbers 1-6, which determine the ability of the student. 

  • Level 1 – Recreation Program. Students with less than two years of training. 

  • Level 2 & 3 – Recreation Program. Students who have previous training and are working towards professional technique.

  • Levels 4-6 – Pre-Professional Program.  Students are intermediate to advance and have been training for four or more years.


Repertory Companies

We have four repertory companies, which consist of the most promising students attending Dance Dimensions: the Senior Company, the Junior Company, the Mini Company and the Petite Company.  The repertory company is a serious commitment and will require extra rehearsal time. Auditions were held at the end of last school year.  New students may be invited to the company at the beginning of this school year. Students must re-audition every year.


Senior Company

The Senior Company is Dimensions elite performance ensemble consisting of students ages 12-18 and is considered the studio ambassadors.  This is the group that represents Dimensions at community performances and events.


Junior Company

The Junior Company receives intense training in technique and performance workshops so that they will be prepared to enter the Senior Company.  The Junior Company performs at a select amount of community events and consist of students ages 9-15yrs old. 


Mini Company

The Mini Company consists of students ages 7-10 who exhibit strong promise in technique, discipline, focus and performance quality.  The Mini Company receives intense training in technique and performance workshops so that they will be prepared to enter the Junior Company.  They also do a select number of performances each year.


Petite Company

The Petite Company consists of students ages 6-8 who exhibit strong promise in technique, discipline, focus and performance quality.  The Petite Company receives intense training in technique and performance workshops so that they will be prepared to enter the Mini Company.


Class Attire

Dimensions requires a professional work ethic from its students. Students will need to be properly dressed for all classes.  Please see below for class uniforms.  Students will be given until October 10 to come to class in proper attire.  Starting October 10, students who are unprepared with regard to attire must come to class however they will not be able to participate.  Consult the Director if you are having problems finding the materials required for instruction.  Dimensions has black leotards and flesh tone tights available for purchase at the studio.  Dimensions is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Feel free to bring a lock for the lockers in the dressing room to secure your valuables.


Youth Classes (Ages 3-6 yrs old)

Class               Attire

All Classes      Black leotards and Flesh Tone Tights

Ballet               Flesh tone ballet shoes

Tap                  Black ribbon tie tap shoes (Replace ribbons with elastic ties)


Recreation/Pre-Professional Classes (Ages 7+)

Class               Attire

All Classes      Black leotard (no halters), flesh tone convertible tights

Ballet               Flesh tone split sole canvas ballet shoes

Tap                  Black Oxford Tap Shoes (no Mary Janes)

Jazz                 Black slip on Jazz boot


Hip Hop students should wear grey or black sweatpants, a white or black t-shirt, tank top or baby tee (WITH NO WRITING) or Dimensions t-shirt and sneakers.


Parent Observation

Parents are not allowed to watch classes except during Parent Observation days.  Parents will be able to observe classes twice a year: November and February. 



There is a $25 registration fee for all new students.   There is a $15 registration fee for all returning students.   The registration fee is waived for all gold members (those students who registered PRIOR to the Spring 2013 season). All tuition payments are due on the first of every month.  There is a five day grace period.  On the 6th, a late fee of $15 will be added to the child’s account and the student will not be allowed to participate in class. Parents have the option of changing their tuition due date to the 15th of the month.  A Tuition Change Form must be filled out and turned into the office for the tuition due date change to take effect.  An additional $35 NSF fee will be assessed for all returned checks.



Hours per Week                                Tuition per Month

Pre-Ballet/Tap (ages 3-4 yrs)               $85/month

1 Hour                                                 $60/month

1.5 Hours                                            $80/month

2 Hours                                               $100/month

3 Hours                                               $125/month

4 Hours                                               $140/month

5 Hours                                               $150/month

6 Hours                                               $160/month

7 Hours                                               $170/month

8 Hours                                               $180/month

9 Hours                                               $190/month

10+ Hours                                           $200/month

Prices are subject to change.  Parents will be given written notice for all tuition changes.

Payments can be made via check, money order, credit card or online ONLY.  If an account has two checks returned for insufficient funds, the account holder will be prohibited from writing checks in the future. Cash is not accepted for tuition or costume payments.  In the months of May and June, tuition will ONLY be accepted via credit card or money order.  No checks or cash will be accepted during that period.


***For the month of June, even if your tuition date is the 15th of every month, June tuition must be paid by June 1st! No extension is given for the month of June so that we can prepare for the June recital



Sibling Discount:

You receive the following discounts for siblings living in the same household:

2-4 siblings                  10% off combined tuition

5+ siblings                   15% off combined tuition



Refer a new student who registers and enrolls in Dimensions and receive $15 off one month of your tuition.


Advance Payment

Pay for the full year of tuition by October 3 and get one month free.



There are no refunds for registration fees, costumes or tuition for missed classes. 




All classes will perform in two shows per year: one small show and then our annual June recital.  The 2016 recitals are tentatively scheduled for December 18 and 19, 2015 and June 17 and 18, 2016.  Extra rehearsals may be called for various classes.  All parents will receive email or handouts informing them of additional rehearsals. If a student’s class is performing in multiple show days, that student MUST be at both shows or they will not be allowed to perform at either of the shows.  If a student misses a show, an inconvenience fee will be applied to your account.


Select classes may also be asked to participate in additional performances.  Costume fees may apply.



The goal of Dimensions is to provide the best costumes possible for the least amount of money.  All performance costumes will be automatically broken up evenly into 6 payments and will be added to your tuition for September-February.  All costume fees must be paid in full by February 13th.  If account is not paid in full by the deadline, we will not order a costume for your child and may result in your child not performing in the recital if late ordering is not available.  If a costume is available for late ordering, there may be an additional charge for rush development or rush shipping.


If your child will not participate in the recital, you must notify the office IN WRITING no later than January 31. 2016.  If you do not notify the office, you will still be responsible for paying for a costume even if your child does not perform.  We purchase costumes early and costume companies do not accept returns.  Once a costume is ordered, you are responsible for paying for it.


Costumes for the December recital are the property of Dance Dimensions and must be returned.



All parents are required to raise at least $100 from the chosen fundraiser.  If a parent fails to participate, an annual fundraising fee of $200 will be added to the parents account.


Private Lessons

Private Lesson Rates are for students who want extra one-on-one instruction in whichever style of dance they choose.  Each lesson is 40 minutes each.  Schedule is determined according to studio and teacher availability. Out of respect for your instructors time, 48-hours notice is appreciated so we have an opportunity to re-book the time. 24-hours notice is required to avoid forfeiting the lesson.


1 Private Lesson: $65

4 Private Lessons: $248 ($62 ea.)

8 Private Lessons: $472 ($59 ea.)

16 Private Lessons: $912 ($57 ea.)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the different styles of dance?

Ballet: Classical dance form.  Dimensions teaches the Vaganova technique

Jazz: More upbeat. Focuses on rhythm and performance

Tap: Percussive dance that makes sounds and rhythms using your feet

Horton: Style of modern characterized by horizontal and vertical lines.  Emphasizes technique and precision

Contemporary: Fuses ballet and modern techniques

Hip Hop: Urban dance style includes popping, locking, house, whacking, etc.

Acro: Acrobatics and tumbling


Does your studio have a dress code?

Yes students are not allowed to participate in class if they are not in the required dress code.  Black leotard and flesh tone tights are required for all classes except hip hop.  Hip Hop students should either wear black or gray bottoms and a plain white shirt or plain black shirt.  NO WRITING IS ALLOWED ON SHIRTS.  Students also have the option of wearing a Dimensions shirt to hip hop classes. 


It’s winter time.  Can my child wear something over her leotard?

Students are allowed to wear black dance sweaters ONLY when they are cold.  These dance sweaters keep the child warm while still being form fitting to the body to allow the instructors to see proper placement.  Sweaters can be purchased at the studio or at any dance wear store.  Shorts or pants are not allowed over leotards.


Where can I purchase dance wear?

Leotards, tights and dance sweaters can be purchased at the studio or any dance wear store.  Dance Dimensions does not sell shoes.  There are dancewear stores in Clinton, MD (Dancer) and Riverdale, MD (Junior Mode Dancewear).  There are also dance websites that are much more affordable: www.DiscountDance.com.  Use Teacher Code: TP46728 on that website for discounts and exact dress code


My child grows out of shoes so quickly.  What can I do about that?

We offer a shoe trade program.  When your child outgrows their shoes, you can bring them into the studio and exchange them for a different size (if available).  These shoes are ones that other students have outgrown as well.


This is my child’s first time dancing.  Why can’t I watch my child in class?

Parents watching classes can be a big distraction to your child as well as the other children in the class.  Students are more focused and pay more attention to the teacher when parents are not present.  We do offer Parent Watch Week twice a year so that parents can see their child in action.         


My child will not be in class for the next two weeks.  Will my tuition be prorated?

No.  Tuition is not prorated for missed classes.  Full tuition is required.


My child was in a certain level last year. Will she automatically move up this year?

No. Students do not move up every year.  Students are expected to stay in a particular level for 2-4 years.  Students are challenged on their level but correct placement is key for their growth as a dancer. Moving up too soon will cause them to miss certain skills and fall behind in class.  Some 5 yr olds who display focus issues will be required to take pre-ballet/tap again.


Can my younger child wait at the studio until my older child gets out of class?

No.  We ask that you please pick up your child when they are finished with their classes due to the lack of additional staffing to keep a close watch on your child. We will allow you a 10 minute grace period. If you will be arriving later than the 10 minutes allowed, please contact the studio at 301-420-1567. After that 10 minute grace period you will be charged $1 per minute up to 14 minutes and $3 per minute starting at 15 minutes late. Any student picked up late over the age of 10 will be required to sit quietly in the front lobby or the parents’ lounge. Dance Dimensions has the right to deny your request to have your child to stay after if there have been any policies and procedures not adhered to by you and/or your child or if this service has been provided to you too often.


My child is running late for class.  Will they still be able to participate?

If a child is late, they should wait at the entrance of the class for the instructor to invite them in.  If the child has missed a significant portion of the warm up, they may be asked to sit and watch the remainder of the class.  This is done to prevent injuries due to inadequate warm up.


My child has lost some of her belongings. Is there a lost and found?

Yes. We do have a lost and found. We require all students to put their full name in all leotard, tights, and shoes. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items


My child takes a 3 hour combo.  Can she eat in between her classes?

No.  Students are not allowed to eat between classes.  They are given a chance to have a drink of water or Gatorade in between classes but they are not allowed to eat.  Please feed your child before they arrive to the studio.


What types of payments are accepted?

We accept check, money orders, credit cards, and online.  If a check is returned twice for insufficient funds, the account holder will be prohibited from writing future checks.  No checks are accepted in the months of May and June.


What is the link to pay online?

You can log in to your account to pay your bill at the following link:



What date is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month.  You have a 5 day grace period to get tuition in.  On the 6th of the month, a $15 late fee will be applied to the account.  You have the option of changing your tuition due date to the 15th of the month.  A Tuition Change Form must be filled out in the office.  You will receive a 5 day grace period from that due date and on the 20th of the month, a $15 late fee will be applied to the account.  For the month of June, all tuition is due June 1st.  No tuition change date is available for June


Will I be charged a late fee if I contact the office before my due date to let them know I will be making my payment late?

Yes.  While we appreciate you informing the office, a late fee will still be applied to your account even though you inform the office. 


My job doesn’t allow me to sell fundraising items.  What happens if I don’t participate in the fundraisers?

The studio fundraisers help us upgrade the studio without having to raise tuition rates every year.  You can ask friends and family to participate in the fundraiser or make a small donation on behalf of your child.


The studio is closed for Christmas break and Spring Break.  Do we still have to pay for the full month?

Yes.  Tuition is calculated by the office by adding up the total number of classes per year (including possible weather emergencies) and splitting that cost throughout the 10 month season.  Full tuition is still required during months where fewer classes are given.  There are some months where 5 classes are offered due to the calendar so we do not prorate for the months where there are 3.


What is the withdrawal process?

Parents must inform the office in writing 30 days prior to withdrawing their child.  If notice is not given, tuition will still be charged and you will still be responsible for those payments. 


What are the studio hours?

            Our school year hours are as follows:

Monday-Thursday: 6pm-9pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 9:30am-6pm

Sunday: Closed

Our summer hours are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 6pm-9pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed